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Automated key generation in texture coding

Dr Philip Ingrey
Research Fellow 2010

Creative control of fluid simulations for animation in computer graphics

Julian Hodgson
Industrial Fellow 2013

A monobloc that turns into a fire protection device

Yusuf Muhammad
Industrial Design Student 2006

News – 13 Nobel Laureates

From the Commission’s awards
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Research Fellowships

Applications will open on 1 October 2014

Research Fellowships in Science and Engineering are intended to give early-career scientists or engineers of exceptional promise an opportunity to conduct a research project of their own instigation.

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Industrial Fellowships

Applications will open on 1 October 2014

Intended to encourage profitable innovation and creativity in British Industry by supporting research leading to a patented product or process in conjunction with a PhD or EngD / Industrial Doctorate.

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Industrial Design Studentships

Closing date Thursday 30 April 2014

Intended to stimulate industrial design capability among Britain’s most able science and engineering graduates who are intending to make a career in British Industry.

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Design Fellowship

Closing date 20 August 2014

Techno Push / Consumer Pull? This year's 1851 Design Fellow will examine the issue, and propose specific ways of humanising the latest technologies.

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