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Towards a new dynamical paradigm for globular star clusters

Dr Anna Lisa Varri
Research Fellow 2012

Creative control of fluid simulations for animation in computer graphics

Julian Hodgson
Industrial Fellow 2013

Metadrift – Exploring Ideas About the world

Wai-chuen Cheung
Industrial Design Student 2013

Triple success for DSDHA at the RIBA awards 2016

Congratulations to DSDHA.


Research Fellowships

Applications are now closed and will re-opooen in October

Do you have 3 years or less post-doctoral research experience and want to conduct innovative research of your own instigation?

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Industrial Fellowships

Applications are now closed and will reopen in October.

Do you want to pursue a PhD without leaving your job or perhaps you want to collaborate with industry on research?

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Industrial Design Studentships

Closing date 28 April 2016

Do you have a good degree in science or engineering and are intending to complete a master's in Industrial Design?

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Design Fellowship

Applications will open in 2016

A single Fellowship is awarded every other year for two years' research in a specified study area.

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