1851 Alumni Reception

1851 Alumni Reception at Buckingham Palace
1 December 2016

HRH The Princess Royal, President of the 1851 Royal Commission, hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace for 1851 Alumni in the presence of the Past President, HRH the Duke of Edinburgh on Thursday 1 December 2016.

Nearly 500 alumni attended this prestigious event to celebrate 10 years of the 1851 Alumni Association online.

Poster presentations were made by final year award holders:

Dr Helen Leggett – Research Fello0w 2014
Why do parasites harm their hosts?

Mat Holloway – Industrial Fellow 2014
Q-Bot:  Using robots to retrofit insulation

Jack Hooper, RAEng 1851 Enterprise Fellow 2016 / Industrial Design Student 2013
Nell Bennett, Industrial Design Student 2013
doppel: mood changing wearable technology


HRH The Princess Royal President of the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851