Born to Engineer

Adrian Westaway
Industrial Design Student 2005 and Design Fellow 2008

Adrian Westaway
Royal College of Art / Imperial College
Industrial Design Engineering

After completing his Industrial Design Studentship at the Royal College of Art / Imperial College, Adrian went on to receive an 1851 Design Fellowship in 2008.

Adrian has been able to use some of the expertise created during the fellowship to found a thriving design consultancy in London. which allows him to keep in close contact with the leading electronics manufacturers worldwide. His work continues to use computer vision techniques, and he was most recently involved in creating an open source project planning system, called Lego Calendar.

The invention of “Magic Light” won Adrian several awards, and he became the first to ever receive a James Dyson Fellowship for the idea. 2014 marked an exciting year for the project, with the Technology Strategy Board awarding the project a grant to explore commercial uses of the Magic Light, and starting development on the core system which will take advantage of advances and cost reductions in the technology. In 2007 when the invention was conceived, the word “gesture” was seldom used in relation to technology, now it’s difficult to find any technology that doesn’t incorporate gestures in some way!

Adrian tweeted: Thanks @royalcom1851 @born2engineer for all the support and enabling so many people to do brilliant things!