Luminescent coatings for ultrahigh temperature measurements

Marta Ferran Marqués
Industrial Fellow 2018

Marta Ferran Marqués
Sensor Coating Systems and Cranfield University

Marta is developing a heat-sensitive luminescent coating that can sense temperatures of up to 1,500°C or beyond, which will be the first ever post operation surface temperature measurement technique to measure at this elevated range. This technology will be crucial in helping a range of industries, including aerospace, and power generation, to develop the next generation of high-performance engines that operate at very high-temperatures such as gas turbines.

Understanding how heat is distributed in such harsh environments is important to ensure engines perform at their highest capability and at greater efficiency, but at the same time maintaining reliability. Her coating will work by changing luminescence when heated, and automated optical technology will measure these changes to create computerised 3D thermal models of the engine interior for use by designers.

This technology could eventually remove the need to use common thermal paints which are not compliant with the EU’s REACH regulation and also offer a lower temperature measurement capability.  Further it will enable the effective and sustainable development of high-value components.

"a heat-sensitive luminescent coating that can sense temperatures of up to 1,500°C"

Marta is working with Sensor Coating Systems (SCS) as well as Cranfield University, where she is completing her MSc in Aerospace Materials. She recently graduated in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.


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